I am that fed up.

How long can I be all that you want me to be? May I be sad and negative now? May I shed a few tears when I feel like it? Sulk, be hurt, you know, generally not live up to your expectations?

What is there right now that I should be positive about? That I am alive? That is just incidental. I was born, I am alive till I die.

I worked as hard as I could. I got money.

I wanted freedom- I don’t have it.

While I am alive, I don’t see it happening.

I really do not want anything else.

I am sure I shall be happy only when I am dead.

How do I know?

I don’t. But how can you be sure I won’t be.

Your advice is not unwelcome, you are.

You are a bore because you are not paying attention.

Please be here only if you can really listen.


About Smita

Born in Bhopal, School- St Josephs Convent, Idgah Hills Bhopal, BE- MACT/MANIT, Bhopal, 1981 MA- Sociology, Barkatullah University Bhopal.
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